Mindfulness and Compassion in Lincolnshire

Nothing can replace the practice of Mindfulness and Compassion and for this reason we are delighted to offer you a range of practical courses aimed at teaching skills that you can take into everyday life.

We offer evening, half day, full day and

two day introductory courses.

We also offer an eight week courses for those who wish to

learn about Mindfulness and Compassion in more depth.

We are happy to travel and adapt training for different groups and organisations.

Our courses are based upon the training provided by the Mindfulness Association:

Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC)

is a weekly mindfulness training based on the Mindfulness Association’s (MA) Mindfulness One Year Training. It provides a unique step by step journey into a deepening experience of being present and accepting ourselves as we are. The course has a solid scientific evidence base supported by psychologists and neuroscientists. It is consistently evaluated well by course participants who experience clear and definite changes for the good in their lives.

Please contact us to book a course or to find out more.

Mindfulness and Compassion in Lincoln and the surrounding area