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Tracy Connor

I am a Mindfulness & Compassion teacher and also a Macmillan Nurse, specialising in haematology cancers within the NHS. Qualifying as a nurse over 25 years ago my long-term goal was to be a Macmillan nurse. I achieved that dream 19 years ago and now I have another, to share the miracle of mindfulness with as many people as I can. To this end I embarked on the University of Aberdeen’s MSc in Mindfulness Studies in September 2013 and in January 2015 successfully completed the Mindfulness Associations (MA) teacher training.

I am listed on the UK list for mindfulness teachers which provides people with a list of teachers who have undertaken specific and robust training to teach mindfulness and compassion. The UK Listing also ensures that teachers are keeping up to date with the latest research and regular updates.

I am currently an intern with the Mindfulness Association (MA) and regularly teach with their tutors in London and most recently Scotland. Macmillan have recently employed me to provide mindfulness insight days to patients, the cancer workforce and volunteers across the whole of the MIdlands. 

My own journey with mindfulness began many years ago. I have found that it has brought so many positive aspects into my life including; improved ability to cope under pressure; more authentic and fulfilling relationships with family, friends and work colleagues; greater rapport and improved therapeutic interventions with my patients and their families as well as a great sense of well-being and contentment.

Living mindfully does not take away our problems but it provides us with a wonderful resource to help us navigate our way through the challenges of life.

All through my nursing career it has been important to me to provide scientifically evidenced based care to my patients. Mindfulness has a solid and clear scientific base which is why I am so passionate about it and feel so confident about teaching it to people.

I bring a wealth of life and professional experience to my teaching as well as a warm, light hearted and playful approach.

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